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Tagalog Bible
New Testament Download
Download the complete New Testament read in the Tagalog Language.
Makes great listening or even a great gift for someone who speaks Tagalog.
download tagalog bible read in the Tagalog language audio
free Tagalog Bible Download
Free Download - Full Program
Bible Read in the Tagalog Language (New Testament)
Download Version

After download you can hear the New Testament read to you in the Tagalog language. This is the full program that you can download right now and began listening to within a few minutes.
Just as you would listen to the bible in the Philippines.

All New Testament Chapters of the bible are read by a native speaker of the Tagalog Language.

This is the complete New Testament of the Bible. And better yet, each Chapter can be listened to separately.
That means if you wish to listen to John 4 or Luke 7, you can without listening from the beginning.

Have an MP3 player like an Ipod ? Or place the audio on your Iphone or Android or other mobile device. Take the Bible audio with you where ever you go. All files have been created in High Quality MP3 format. So that means you just load the audio files you want to take with you on your Ipod or MP3 player. What better way to hear the Tagalog bible read to you then in your own language.

And for those who do not speak Tagalog, this is a great gift for someone who does. Have someone in your church that is from the Philippines?
This version is read in the Native Tagalog Language. See the smile on their face when you give them the New Testament read in thier native langauge.

The Tagalog Bible Audio files are in MP3 format and playable on any MP3 compatible device to include your computer. If you have a CD player it most likely plays MP3 files, look for the MP3 logo on the player. So you can if you wish copy these files to a CD to play on a CD player.

So download the free Tagalog language bible audio now.

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