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Philippines Events, Holidays and Festivals Calendar
This is a Philippines Events, Holidays and Festivals Calendar. The calendar can be printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Each month has all the festival and major cultural events of the Philippines. Download is a PDF file and consists of 12 printable pages or the remaining year.
Each page of the Philippines Calendar is 8/1/2" x 11" printable.
Philippines calendar of festivals and events
Philippines Events and Festivals Printable Calendar

You can Download the Current
Free Philippines Calender below
Above is an illustration of pages from previous calendar

Print your Philippines Calendar Now !

The calendar has Festivals, Events, Holidays and much more for the entire year.
Now have a calendar that has meaning. Almost each day you will have a festival, holiday or scheduled event somewhere in the Philippines.
And the best part, it is

We provide this calendar free in appreciation to all our friends who have been loyal customers over the years.

And if you happened to be surfing the web and found this, please feel free to download it also !

12 individual 8 1/2" printable pages in Adobe PDF or remaining year.
(Above picture shows all pages side by side)

Free Adobe Acrobat reader required to view and print calendar.
We have gathered the main Philippines Holidays, Festivals and Events and consolidated them on this Philippines Calendar so all you need to do is download the Calendar and print the months you wish to hang on the refridgerator. Never miss an important event or festival in the Philippines. See Philippines Holidays instantly.
You may have a calendar now, but not like this one.
We hope you enjoy this calendar and encourage you to look on the internet to research each of these festivals, holidays and events before your next visit to the Philippines.

Before your next trip to the Philippines, please visit our site and browse our language learning courses. Brush up on your tagalog and make the festival more rewarding.

Keep up to date with this Free Philippines Calendar. Philippines Holidays, Events and Celebrations.
The Philippines Calendar covers all of the events in the Philippines. From National Holidays to Coconut Festivals.
Plus this free calendar will print on an 8 1/2 inch by 11" piece of paper.

Download Philippines Events and Festivals Calendar

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Philippines Event Calendar
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