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We support the World of Knowledge Program. Helping children in the Philippines get an Education. Support us by buying your Tagalog language product here and we in turn will help support children in the Philippines get a better education!
Tagalog Language Course Combo Special
Here is the essential 2 learning packages combined to Learn the Tagalog Language. The Tagalog Language 4 CD course and the Software Flashcards course. Buying both courses together saves you BIG money!
Tagalog Language software flashcards
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Quick and Easy Tagalog Language Course and Software
Shipped Version

Great way to start learning the Tagalog language for the beginning learner of the Tagalog language. Here we have combined both the 4 Cd course with the Tagalog language flashcards software course. The 4 Cd course also includes MP3 files for your MP3 compatible device. Also included is a printable lesson book on the 4th cd.

The software learning course can be run as English to Tagalog or Tagalog to English.
(You choose each time you play the flashcards software course).

Just install the software on your computer and you will be quickly learning the Tagalog Language with tis program. You decide to have the program ask the questions in English with the Tagalog language answer or reverse and have the questions in Tagalog and match to the English answer. This way you learn the Tagalog language not only asking, but being asked (listening).
Try learning one way, then run it in reverse by choosing the other language as the question.
The Tagalog Language course on 4 CD's has a printable lesson book and MP3 files for your MP3 compatible device on the 4th CD.
The MP3 files can be transfered to MObile Devices such as Iphone, Galaxy or other mobile device.
Had other programs that were just to complex?
We made ours simple and to the point.
Why did we design our courses this way ?
Because we know that you learn best the way you learned before. Most of us started learning language by identify words with objects etc. And we started with short sentences like "What's your Name?"or "I need a...." and so on.

If you have purchased other courses before, you know what I am talking about.
Maybe you have started off your other Filipino language CD with something like this "Is it safe to get off the boat while it is dark?" Which you would have to repeat in a few seconds the following in their course "Delikado ho bang bumaba ng barko habang madilim pa?".
And it is so long that you can not even understand what goes with what in english. We did not make this up, this is from another competitors course.
If you are at that level already, honestly, that is the course for you.
Once you have learned short sentences and phrases in Tagalog from our courses, piecing the components together in their course would be significantly easier. Remember, most failures in learning a language is due to being overwhelmed with confusion. And the more complex the course starts off, the more likely you will quit the course out of frustration. So start with our course, get the basics so you can start conversing at a respectable beginners level quickly.
We have a saying "Hear the Difference"
Also avalable as a download to save you money.

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