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We support the World of Knowledge Program. Helping children in the Philippines get an Education. Support us by buying your Tagalog language product here and we in turn will help support children in the Philippines get a better education!
Tagalog Language Course & Culture Game Download
Download the essential 2 learning packages combined to Learn the Tagalog Language. The Tagalog Language 4 CD course and the Philippines Culture and History game. Buying both courses together saves you BIG money!
download Tagalog Language course and Philippines game
Tagalog Language Course and Philippines Game Download
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Quick and Easy Tagalog Language Course and Game
Download Version
In this download Tagalog Language course you learn the Tagalog language prior to your trip to the Philippines, but you also learn the Philippines culture and Philippines history with this bundle.

You will be receiving the Tagalog language course (4 CD's) and also getting the interactive animated Philippines History and Culture game software.
The game software ties you to the culture and history, so learning as much of the Philippines culture, history and customs as you can is important when speaking Tagalog!
Best of all, an animated character tests your Philippines culture and history knowledge as you learn. Questions with multiple answers with running score.

Combine this software with the included 4 CD Tagalog language course and you have the basics to fit in with the population. The Tagalog language course covers basic to intermediate Tagalog Language to include words, phrases and sentences.

So take the time to learn more than a language with this language course combination.

The Tagalog Language course download is is the complete course with a printable lesson book.

The software game easily installs on your computer and works with all versions of windows starting with windows XP and higher.

This is a good learning program to give you that quick start to learn Tagalog with the bonus of learning the Philippines culture and history.

Download the Tagalog Language Course with Philippines Culture Game now and begin speaking the Filipino language today.
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