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Tagalog Language Course
Download Version
This is the download version of the Tagalog Language Course in the 4 CD set. All the Tagalog lessons are included in MP3 format along with a printable lesson book. Add to cart and receive the Tagalog language course in minutes.
Tagalog language course download
Tagalog Language Course Download
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Tagalog Language Course
Download Version

The Tagalog language course covers the basics to intermediate level Tagalog learning experience. The Tagalog language course starts with basic Learn Tagalog words to more complex Tagalog language sentences and phrases.
This is a complete Tagalog language course. Every Tagalog word, phrase or sentence is repeated twice so you have time to concentrate on the correct Tagalog pronunciation.
This is NOT a quick say it and next thing you know you are on to another sentence. We give you time to participate so you get it right.!

The included MP3 files can be transferred from your computer to any MP3 compatible device so you can take the Tagalog language course with you anywhere you want. Just navigate to the Media folder on your hard drive and locate the Tagalog lessons you want to copy the MP3 files from.
The Tagalog language course download version consists of all 40 Lessons all taken from the 4 CD course.

The program includes essential Tagalog words and phrases needed for speaking Tagalog and Filipino. Subjects include...Seasons, Clothing, Family, Month and Days, Weather, Feelings, Occupations, Parts of the Body, Time, Greetings, Sayings, Materials, Colors, Medical, Expressions, Short Sentences, Phrases, and of course our noted fill in the blank study.

Because our courses were designed to get right to the basics of pronouncing short easy to learn sentences, words and phrases, you will learn quick.
This course DOES NOT get into a philosophy of the language etc. No lengthy explanations on why you say it this way or that. Which takes up valuable cd space for learning more words and phrases. We want you to learn Tagalog fast. Thats why we consider this course the best.
You can go to college to get lectures.We want to get you dazzling others with speech as fast as possible.
Buying online from Learn Tagalog Now is the cheapest way to acquire this course. By cutting out the mark up of Resellers like Barnes and Noble and Borders etc., we can get it to you at up to 50% off the normal Resell price.

But if you wish to buy it through a bookstore, just give them the ISBN and they will contact us to place an order if they do not have in stock.
Same Program, Same package. But they will markup the cost they buy it from us for so they can make some money too.
We are the only ones able to offer this low of a price because you are purchasing direct from the distributor.
No middlemen and resellers to pay, so you get the savings.

ISBN# 0-9771586-0-8

So download the course now and have in minutes. ENJOY!

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