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We support the World of Knowledge Program. Helping children in the Philippines get an Education. Support us by buying your Tagalog language product here and we in turn will help support children in the Philippines get a better education!
Tagalog Language Course Software and Game
Here is the MEGAPAC. Now get even greater savings by buying all 3 together. The Tagalog Language Course, Tagalog Flashcards Software and the Philippines Culture Game combined to Learn the Tagalog Language.
Tagalog language course, flashcard software, Philippines game
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Quick and Easy Tagalog Language Course,Game,Software
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Take your learning to even a higher level. Start with the Tagalog Language Course 4CD set. Included are all the lessons to get you started learning the Tagalog language with basic - intermediate words, phrases and sentences. The included MP3 files on the 4th Cd can be transferred to any MP3 compatible device so you can take your Tagalog language course wherever you go. A total of 40 full lessons which include over 1200 words, phrases and sentances.

Next, dive into the Tagalog language flashcards software. Here you can take the course with English questions and Tagalog answers or reverse the way you take the course by having Tagalog questions with English answers. All answers are pronounced in the native language.Easy to install on your computer and fun to play.Now an interactive way to learn on your computer.
You have the choice of whether to have the questions in English with Tagalog Answers or Tagalog questions with English answers.

The Tagalog flashcards software program has been designed so whether you are speaking English Now and want to learn Tagalog or if you are speaking Tagalog and want to learn English.
Each question and multiple choice answer has a sound icon next to them so you can listen to each individually before choosing your answer. Try learning one way, then run it in reverse by choosing the other language as the question.
Questions are spoken in Tagalog or English depending on which way you choose to study on the opening screen. Even if you get the answer wrong, you will receive the correct answer on screen with the proper spoken pronunciation

But it even gets better. Round out your Tagalog language course with the Philippines Culture and History Game software. Here you will learn the Philippines culture. Every Tagalog conversation is based on culture and the Tagalog language is no different. The Philippines history and culture is important!
This bundle of all 3 programs is the best value and you save money. A small investment for what you will gain in time learning and conversing in Tagalog.

Also available as a download for those who want it now! Save Money and Time.

So step up your learning experience, get the Tagalog language course combined with the Tagalog flashcards software and Philippines culture game.
Here you have 3 different programs to round out your learning experience and make it fun!

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